Soal-Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII SMP

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I. Choose the correct answer!Staff Pengajar SMP Negeri 1 Cepogo Kab.Boyolali

Read this dialogue to answer number 1 and 2 the questions below!

Hesti      :  Irfan, come here! I see a strange small plant

Irfan      :  Really? Where is it?

Hesti     :  It’s over here under the tree. Plant do not grow to stick on trees

Irfan      :  Oh, it’s perhaps a mushroom

Hesti     :  A mushroom? Perhaps we can take it and           cook it.

Irfan      :  Some of them may be poisonous. I don’t know we can eat it. It will probably cause you sick.

Hesti      :  I don’t know that.

1.    Where does the dialogue take place?

a. In  garden                                              c.  In river

b. In beach                                                 d. At home

2.    Why does mushroom cause us sick when we eat it?

a. Because it is dangerous                   c. Because it is delicious

b. Because it  perhaps poisonous     d. Because it grows in garden

I have a new member in my family. It is a cat. I call it Keket.

Keket has soft white fur and likes to lick its paws. It is also curious and likes to explore its new surroundingIt seems like milk and fish alot and wait eagerly as I prepare its meal.

Besides the cat that my father took from the road is very important for me. It give some lesson about “cat talk”. When it is near me it always purrs. The expresses friendship with me. When I do my homework it often  bumbs its head with mine. I know this the way to say hello. When it is curious it sticks its whiskers straight out and twitches with excitement. Sometime it approaches something carefully with ears pricked foward. This shows its alert. When it stalk a bird under the banyan tree beside my house it waves its tail.  This shows that it is trying to make up its mind whether to creep or pounce. As soon as it make up its mind the waving tail usually stops.

Of course, I sometimes get angry with Keket. When it feels threatened it hisses and spits. It thrashes its tail and its fang. Its ears lie flat and its eyes dilate.

Keket seems like me very much. I know this because it always follows me wherever I go. I thank Got for giving me such nice cat.

3.   What  is the text about?

a. Some cat talk                            c.  A cat name Keket

b. Some favorite pets                d.The way to get good cat

4.   The following statements are true about Keket, except ….

a.  It is a cat with soft fur and and likes to lick its paws.

b. The writer thinks it likes him very much.

c.  When it makes up its mind it waves its tail.

d. The writer’s father found it under the banyan tree.

5.    I know this the way to say hello. The underlined word refers to ….

a. Doing homework                        c.  Bumping head

b. Expressing friendship               d. Taking the cat

6.    Araman          :  Would you like to join us?

Mrs.Fitri         :  ….

a. Yes, I do                                       b. No, I’d like to

b. Yes, but I can’t                          d. I’d like to, but I can’t

7.      Mia  : Could you ask him to see me, please.

Yuke : ….

a. Yes, certainly                             c. Yes, I do

b. No, I’d like to                             d. No, certainly

8.    Axel  :  You look good in pink blouse.

Izzy  :  …..

a. Oh, thank you                            c. I do

b. I like you                                    d.  Oh, no thanks

To Scott

Tell Maya I won’t join the school camping. I have to visit my grandma. Thanks

9.      Why won’t the writer join the school camping?  Because he will ….

a. Visit his sick grandmother       c. Visit his sick grandfather

b.Tell Maya about his grandma   d.Tell Scott his grandma

To Lorna

I didn’t attend your birthday party. I was not feeling well. I ask for your apology for that.  Thanks


10.   What is the main idea of the text?

a. Brinda is going to attend the party       c. Lorna is going to attend the party

b. Brinda asks Lorna’s apology                   d. Lorna asks Brinda’s apology

11.     Brinda could not go to Lorna’s birday party because ….

a. She was healthy                   b. She  went to well

c. She was sick                           d. She was sad


12.    What is the meaning of the text?

a.  Swimming along beach is dangerous

b. The visitors may not swim far away

c.  The beach is just for visitors to swim

d.The visitors are allowed to swim freely

Dear Sonya,

Hi, friends, here I invite you to my 14th birthday party.

Date        : Sunday, May 15  2011

Time        : 4 p.m.

Place       : My house

Jl. Kuningan no. 32 Jakarta

Please come!


12.  What is the purpose of the text?

a. Inviting someone               b. Telling past event                     c. Giving complement              d. Entertaing reader

13.    How old Will Intan be in 2020

a. 22                                            b.  23                                                    c.  24                                                d. 25

Karimunjawa is located between Java island and Kalimantan island. It is about 83 km from Jepara city. It covers about 111.625 Ha wide area

This  area has been determined as National Park  based on the degree of forestry ministe no. 161/Menhut.II/1988 dated 19 January 1988. It covers about 111.625 Ha consisting of naturally small island group white sand beach and clear water sea, under panorama with its water biodata as decorative fish, black shark, dolphins, ridge of rocks are heaven  for tourist, especially for whose fishing, diving and snorkling hobbies.

There are supporting equipment fulfillment as retaurant , hotel/motel, and various water sport facilities including motor boat, fishing pond is your opportunity invest in this island.

Many transportation vehicles to Karimun as sea transportation using Muria boat, Kartini speed boat or air transportation.

14.   What is the purpose of the text?

a. To describe about place                                                                             c. To tell about someone’s experience

b. To show how to go to Karimunjawa                                                      d. To attract someone to go to Karimunjawa

15.   What statement below is true based on the text

a.  Diving is not allowed in that place                                                         c.  Many accomodations to support the place

b. There are only sea transportation are provided                             d. It is very dangerous toswim in that place

16.    “ ….. fishing pond is your opportunityto invest in this island”.

a.  Choice                                                   b. Chance                               c. Option                                      d. change

17.    How can we go to that place? We can go there by ….

a. Buses and private cars                   b. Boats or plane                c.Boats  and trains                   d. Trains or plane


There will be a speech contest on Monday, 9th March 2011. It is done to develop the students’ ability in speaking English. Each class must join it. The winner of the competition will receive prizes. For more information please confirm your teacher.

18.  What kind of text is it?

a.  Advertisment                                     b. Invitation                                  c.Announcement                          d.  Information

19.   What is the purpose of helding the speech English contest?

a. To develop the students’ ability in speaking English                      c.  To give information about the English contest

b. To give prize to the winner of the English contest                           d. To persuade the students to join the English contest

20.  Tari         : Can I have iced tea, please

Susan      :  ….

a. No, thanks                                            b.  Certainly, here you are        c. I am sure you can              d.  Yes, but I am busy

21.   Do you think going camping is exciting?

a.  Sure, I think so                                  b. No, I do not                               c. Yes, I don’t think so          d. Why not

22.   What do you think of Indonesia?

a. I  think Indonesia is a rich agriculture country.                               c. I think so. Indonesia is a rich country

b. I don’t think so. Indonesia is a wealthy country                               d. Yes, Indonesia is a country I think


We prepair furniture. We make all types of  chairs and tables. Telephone (0274)893673. Jl. Dipayuda 15 Banjarnegara

23.  What kind of text is it?

a. Invitation                             b.  Announcement                         c. Advertisement                                 d.  Letter

24.   Why did the writer write the text?

a. To offer furniture             b.  To make furniture                    c. To sell furniture                                d.  To buy furniture

25.    What isn’t offered in the advertisement?

a. Making special type of furniture                                                 c. Making all types of chairs

b. Making all types of  tabels                                                              d. Repairing all types of furniture


Moara angke Conservation Are lies in the North of Jakarta. It is located in Kapuk Muara in Panjaringan  district. The location is close to Pluit Mega mall.

Muara angke is home to many kinds of animals. There is seen a variety of birds like Kuntul (Egretta Intermedia), Cangak Abu (Ardea Cinneria), Bubulus Ibis and Camar (Sea Gull). It is also seen Biawak (Monitor Lizard) and Monyet Ancol (Tail Monkey).

Besides animals , Muara Angke is also as houses of many kinds of plants, such as; Bidara, Jangkar, Api-api and Mangorve. In addition Muara Angke is famous for its Mangrove reservation.

26.  What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

a.  There are a large number of animals in Muara Angke                             c. Many kinds of animals are only kept in Muara Anke.

b. Muara Angke is only an animal conservation.                                           b. Muara Angke is the best place for reservation.

27.  The following are the things we can see in Muara Angke, except ….

a. Alot of animals                      b.  Kinds of houses                  c. Mangrove reservation         d. A large number of plants

II.    Fill in the blanks by choosing the available word in the box  to complete the desciptive text below.

Tawangmangu is my ….  (a) It lies on the … (b) of mountain. It is about 3 kms before the famous …, (c) Grojogan Sewu.

Because it lies on the slope of mountain, the … (d) here is very cool and …. (e) The soil here is very ….(f) so there are many plants grow everywhere. There are also many big trees, so it is …. (g) There is a big … (h) and some canals … (i) to the farms. So it is … (j) to find water. Every morning we see many farmers wash their crops alodung adalah the canals.

  1. Easy                              6. village
  2. Flow                              7. waterfall
  3. Air                                 8. fertile
  4. River                             9. slope
  5. Humid                           10.shady

Arrange this sentences into good sentences

  1. tiger -sumatra – beautiful -skin -The- in- has
  2. of-people-smoking- Part- like- English
  3. puras -Bali – a – is – beautiful-  with – one thousand- island
  4. Very-has-large-Indonesia-forest
  5. of-kinds-many-park-Safari-has-animals

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